Behind the stars

The classification of the participating hotels is done through a thorough evaluation of the companies on the basis of over 250 objective hotel criteria determined by the Hotel Stars Union. The participating hotels are inspected approximately 18 months apart, ensuring that each company continue to meet the applicable criteria.

The inspector makes an announced visit and examines a representative sample of hotel rooms as well as other areas and facilities available to guests. In special cases unannounced visits can take place. After a visit the hotel receives a confirmation of the number of stars achieved or a list of criteria not met with a deadline for fulfilling these. Exceeding the time limit can have consequences for the number of stars.

The number of stars is determined by the inspector’s evaluation based on the existing hotel criteria. As a starting point a criterion is only considered met when all rooms live up to this or if the service or facility in question is visible to the guest (e.g. website, room folder or similar). Read more here.