Behind the stars

The criteria are defined by the participating countries of the Common European Hotel Classification, the Hotel Stars Union. The criteria are revised to reflect the development in relation to customer needs and wants and as well in relation to the overall development of the industry, technology, etc.

Guest Focus and flexibility are some of the core values of the hotel classification. This is achieved through a combination of minimum criteria and optional criteria which ensure that guests have the same experience of quality and service across the various property types.
The minimum criteria include features common to most hotel types on each star level. All minimum criteria for a star level must be met to obtain stars, in addition to a number of optional criteria.

The optional criteria include all of the criteria that are not considered a minimum criterion for a star category. With optional criteria, the hotel has the opportunity to gain extra points for many of the services and facilities they have targeted specifically for their segment.
Star Rating is based on the overall score the hotel has earned for meeting the minimum criteria and optional criteria.

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