Dronninglund Castle has through history been a nunnery, summer residence for a Danish king, queen and princess and much much more. Nowadays, the castle is used as a hotel, conference center and a restaurant. We have 22 rooms at your disposal and 6 different styled and sized premises for hosting exactly what you desire.
Dronninglund Castle is located just outside the small city Dronninglund, which has taken its name from the castle. The Danish word 'Dronninglund' is a combination of two words:
Queen and lund and the name fits perfectly. This beautiful yet cozy Danish pearl is located in lovely nature in the middle of Jyske Ås. Jyske Ås is a belt of nature created in the ice age. With its forests and hills it measures about 18x5 kilometers and is filled with routes for hikers and bikers. Stay here and you will find lovely isolation just a small reach away from big-city-life.

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